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Automobile owners looking for knowledgeable and professional experts to take care of their car maintenance and repairs can find the best at The Proshop. Whether your car is big or small, foreign or domestic, finding a trusted mechanic to work on it is a difficult task. You can rest assured that The Pro Shop is the right place. Their technicians are ASE certified, proof positive that they have been trained and have passed rigorous examinations. The Pro Shop is a member of the Automotive Service Association, the leading organization for auto repair businesses that put excellence in service first.

Perfect performance by everything in or on your car is essential to your safety, and you need experts who know what they are doing when you trust them to work on it. They are the doctors who can diagnose any problem and fix it. The Pro Shop technicians are the ones to trust. They provide quality, affordable prices and great service. In addition to performance on the road, you also want your car to keep you comfortable at the right temperature, and The Pro Shop team knows how to keep your A/C system running perfectly. It is no fun to be too hot or too cold when you are ready to go somewhere, so good A/C maintenance assures you that you will be comfortable.

The Pro Shop offers everything from an oil change and tune up to diagnostics and engine, brake and transmission repair. They are qualified to work on the car’s electrical system which includes the battery and starter as well as the solenoid, voltage regulator, alternator or generator, and fuse box. The suspension system in your car is extremely important because it controls the ride and handling of the car. Dynamics involved in this complicated area require the attention of the qualified experts at The Pro Shop.

You can count on the Pro Shop. If you have a breakdown, they will come to you. Their towing service is available, if repairs cannot be made on site. You are in good hands with the experts at The Proshop. They can take care of all of your automotive needs, they have the most competitive prices and they stand behind their work. When you have need for an automotive repair or routine maintenance, be sure to go to The Pro Shop. They are the best friend your car will ever have.

Reliable Auto Repair

When it comes to locating quality auto repair you want to find one that will allow you to gain the benefits of a good working relationship. The Pro Shop LLC performs high quality repair service on both foreign and domestic vehicles and at the lowest possible prices. As part of their sense of obligation to customers, we will provide courtesy inspections and a free second opinion. The Pro Shop is a member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Association membership is what to look for when it comes to auto repair. It represents a commitment to the professionalism and excellence in the industry through furthering education for the purpose of keeping up with advancing technology from auto makers. It’s a safe bet you know that your vehicle’s needs will be met.

 The Pro Shop is an owned and operated auto repair shop that has the equipment and qualified technicians to get the job done. The Pro Shop provides accurate estimates that you will be able to compare with the actual bill, with work that is done right and on time. You will be furnished with an itemized invoice reflecting fair pricing on parts and services, clearly identifying if there were any used or remanufactured parts supplied. The best part – Pro Shop technicians will recommend the proper corrective and maintenance services necessary, either to correct existing problems or to prevent further problems. We will maintain service records for at least a year, establishing a sense of continuity. Warranties that cover parts or services are either furnished and prior authorization is obtained, in writing, for all work performed. All of this and more is what makes the Pro Shop your premier choice.

Brake Service
Upon searching for brake jobs, it is not recommended to go with just any brake repair shop. Feel assured that the Proshop has the knowledge, professionalism and expertise to handle any problems with your vehicle’s brakes or other mechanical issues. Our customer satisfaction is top rated, and we are the first choice for vehicle repair.

Too many of us know the frustration at discovering brakes that are not working right, or squeal at every stop. Not only can it be detrimental to your vehicle, but it can also be a danger to safety, especially if the brakes fail completely. The Proshop can address any brake jobs quickly and easily, before the situation gets worse.

Most brakes and brake systems in modern vehicles cannot be repaired or replaced easily. Unfortunately, many major brands of brake systems are too complex and difficult to be trusted to lesser trained mechanics. Brake repair should be left to the certified professionals at the Proshop.

The Proshop is the best choice for brake repair. We are also ready to help with a large variety of mechanical problems with many major brands of vehicles. No job is too small, and we can supply added relief to every customer by our proven record of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. The Proshop deals with all vehicle repairs quickly and easily.

No one is trusted more that the Proshop for brake jobs. Nothing beats having a valued and trusted group of vehicle repair technicians dedicated to keeping things running smoothly. Keeping customer vehicles maintained by qualified technicians saves one from much grief and inconvenience when out on the road.

Technicians at the Proshop understand and know that that a vehicle is a central part of our daily lives. It goes without saying that all vehicles should be maintained and repaired by a knowledgeable and expert repair service. Find out more about how one can get a car or truck repaired quickly and easily, without all the hassles and gimmicks, contact the Proshop today!


We all know that preventative maintenance is very important in maintaining your vehicle. Many people keep up with the oil changes and car washes, but they forget one important thing, a tune up. A tune up can keep ones car running smoothly and prevent any further mechanical problems. It is the key to maintaining the health of your car.

A car tune up is affordable and can help keep ones car in top shape. During a tune up we will do a full fluid flush on your vehicle. We will inspect all belts, the battery; install a new air filter and other odds and ends. Belts are a key component in your car. Although some drivers can check their own belts, there are other belts that are not easily accessible. Belts are crucial to your cars operation. A snapped timing belt can be the demise of your engine.

Most people think that tune ups are not important and are added services. We understand that we put a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. During a tune up, we looked at the most important vehicle components. Even the simplest component, can make a difference in how your car runs. Safety is our first goal; we want to ensure that your vehicle is in top working condition. Mechanical failures are expensive and we want to prevent unnecessary downtime.

People are leery of tune ups, because parts get replaced. Many people are under the theory, if it is not broken, do not fix it. However, often people will change their mind, when they are sitting along the side of the road with a mechanical failure. When looking for a good car tune up only trust the professionals to handle your vehicle. Our trained technicians can quickly and efficiently keep your vehicle in top running condition. Schedule your service today for a car tune up and we will keep your vehicle rolling.

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